Sunday, 7 February 2010

Photos people like of food

What people like to see in terms of photos of food
French Fries 100
White background
Close up some show whole meal but some show a close up with only part of food shown.
Some show chips being fried
White background or with other food.

Scampi 11

Individual scampi on a fork close up
Blue background full plate with other stuff
No white background this time.
All either on a plate with other stuff or close up- on fork

Ham 10
On white background full view
close up with other food

Wind and cheese popular
different types of cheese

With other stuff on white background
On own on white background
A smiley face
One I could do Infront of a mirror with other stuff

Mostly on featureless background white black,
fork close up

scone with jam white background
dry scones close up no need to see background
on plate set tea set
close up no background needed

hot chocolate
ripple of hot chocolate
woolen mitten gloves round drink
background tends to black or white

isle of man luxury villa

So ideas
on plate with other items
Fork close up
close up do not have to see all meal